InvisalignOrthodontic treatment, can benefit both children and adults.  Recent advances in wire and bracket technology have made braces more comfortable, esthetic and efficient than ever. Brackets, which can be metal or a tooth-colored ceramic, are bonded to the front of the teeth.  These brackets hold a special wire onto the teeth, which moves the teeth into their new, desired position.  Many patients are also candidates for clear aligner therapy (Invisalign, ClearCorrect, etc.), which consists of custom plastic trays that align the teeth without braces. 

Malocclusion can take many forms, including:  overbite (class 2), underbite (class 3), dental crowding, dental spacing, or misaligned jaws.  Malocclusions may hereditary, or due to outside causes including:  thumb/finger sucking, overuse of pacifiers, trauma, etc., which can affect the jaw development.  Malocclusions can be corrected at any age, many of our happiest orthodontic patients are adults who are finally getting the smile that they have wanted for many years!

As part of your comprehensive examination, Dr. Nishizaka, will evaluate your occlusion (bite) and may recommend braces if your bite is not properly aligned (malocclusion).