Root Canal Therapy

A tooth has a hollow chamber called the pulp chamber.  This pulp chamber is filled with nerves, blood vessels and other tissues, that makes a tooth alive.  When the tissue in the chamber becomes damaged due to decay, infection, trauma or other causes, it cannot heal itself well.  The treatment of choice for many such teeth is root canal therapy.

After being made comfortably numb, Dr. Nishizaka will use special instruments to remove the infected tissue.  A bleaching solution will be used to further disinfect the inside of the tooth, followed by placement of a filling material inside the root.  After completion of the root canal, a post or build-up will be placed followed by a crown to prevent fracture of the tooth.  

In years past such a tooth would have had to be extracted, but now, many of these teeth can be saved and used for many years with a procedure called root canal therapy.