Services at Cambridge Dental Care 

As a patient of Dr. Nishizaka’s, you will first benefit from a thorough dental check-up.  After a careful review of your health Services at Cambridge Dental Carehistory, he will examine for dental cavities, gum disease, oral cancer as well as orthodontic and cosmetic needs.  After the comprehensive examination, he will order necessary radiographs.  Education of our patients is very important, so you are encouraged to ask any dental related questions that may have been on your mind.

Using the pertinent results from your visual and radiographic examination, Dr. Nishizaka will design a personalized treatment plan addressing any current dental needs as well as layout a plan to maintain your healthy smile for life.  

After the initial treatment planning stage, whether it is a simple dental cleaning, braces or a complex dental reconstruction, nearly all of your dental work can be completed by Dr. Nishizaka at our office.  In some cases where you would be better served by a specialist’s services, Dr. Nishizaka will give referrals to top specialists in the local area.